Johnson apologises for comments

Kiwis halfback Shaun Johnson. Photo: Getty Images
Kiwis halfback Shaun Johnson. Photo: Getty Images
Kiwis halfback Shaun Johnson has apologised for the comments he made in the wake of New Zealand's shock loss to Fiji in the World Cup quarterfinal on Saturday.

Johnson, coach David Kidwell and captain Adam Blair faced a stern backlash from angry Kiwis fans after they blamed supporters and the media for daring to predict the team's demise.

"The most disappointing thing for me is that everyone who doubted us - the fans, media - yous got your way," Johnson said after Saturday's defeat at Westpac Stadium.

Johnson took ownership for the loss yesterday with a statement on Facebook and said the past two days have been the toughest of his career.

"Fam there's no one to blame for how things played out during this World Cup other than ourselves," Johnson posted.

"Over the last couple days I've seen the reaction and what's been said, so I have to set the record straight. We are responsible for the two good performances and we are responsible for the two poor ones..No one else!

"We own that and have to live with the disappointment and embarrassment of being part of the worst kiwis team in RLWC history for the rest of our lives.

"Immediately following the loss to Fiji I was told I had media. Rattled from what had just happened I said something that came across completely wrong, implying that the fans are to blame for how we played and that they would be satisfied. I f**ked up. Anyone who knows me knows that's not and never will be me. I take full responsibility for my performances good or bad.

"I want to say thank you to those of you that came out and said hello on our fan days, the ones who brought tickets to come support us, those who sent messages of support and those who yell out while driving past, or stop when walking by, to let me know they still believe in us and me. I'm not looking for sympathy nor will I sugar coat anything, but the last few days have been the toughest of my career. Really appreciate the love and I'm so sorry we couldn't deliver what you believed we could.

"Just a quick note to those who are trolling me behind that key board. Telling me I'm over paid over rated and that I'm the sole reason we lost, telling me to shoot myself.. I see it all and have my whole career. If that's who you want to be than keep doing you just know it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as losing a WC quarter final.. Letting down myself, family, friends and those kids who look up to me.

"Hopefully that clears the air!

"Finally all best to our Island brothers this weekend, would love to see you both meet in the final! VANAKA & OFA ATU.

"See you next year!"

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