Swimming: Five more names in fame frames

Waves club swimmer and recently named New Zealand age group representative Stef Gillespie gets...
Waves club swimmer and recently named New Zealand age group representative Stef Gillespie gets inspiration from the wall of fame at Moana Pool. Photo by Craig Baxter.
Five swimmers have been added to the revised wall of fame at Moana Pool.

Structural alterations at the Dunedin pool meant the old wall of fame had to be shifted and a new wall built in the foyer. There are now 16 swimmers and one coach, the late Duncan Laing, on it.

The newcomers on the wall are Jonathan Duncan (2000 Olympic Games), Liz van Welie (2000 Olympic Games and silver medal in 400m individual medley, 2002 Commonwealth Games), Lisa and Nina Daniels (2006 Commonwealth Games, bronze medal synchronised swimming) and Steve Prescott (13 world masters titles and three world records).

Prescott, the aquatics manager for the Dunedin City Council, outlined the criteria to be placed on the wall.

They are: competing at the Olympics; making the final at a world championships; a medal at the Commonwealth Games; or a world record.

"None of the former members of the wall of fame have been deleted," he said.

Prescott has noted a big interest in the wall from people using Moana Pool.

"It recognises swimmers who have trained at Moana Pool and then performed on the world stage," he said.

"It is an inspiration to the younger swimmers who train at the pool and gives them something to aspire to."

Original wall of fame members: Dave Gerrard (first New Zealand record in 200m butterfly at Moana Pool in 1966), Danyon Loader (three Olympic Games medals), Scott Cameron (1996 Olympian), Jenny Newstead (Paralympic gold medallist), Phillip Rush (long-distance swimmer), Anna Wilson (1996 Olympian), Brett Naylor (1976 Olympian), Gary Lamb (diving, 1984 Olympian), Heather Coombridge (1972 Olympian), John McConnochie (1972 and 1976 Olympian), Robert Johnstone (world record special Olympics).

The selection panel was: Peter Chin (Dunedin Mayor), Paul Hudson (Dunedin city councillor), Graeme Hall (DCC Community Life general manager).

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