Bringing empty areas back to life

The Dunedin Dream Brokerage is celebrating its latest collaboration with old friends The Dunedin Fringe Festival, by supporting new projects from Suitcase Theatre and Spectacle.

The Dunedin Dream Brokerage (DDB) brings life into empty urban and retail environments through brokering a lively programme of art project occupation.

It works with property owners, artists, individuals and community groups to broker the temporary use of space — be it public or commercial, empty or under-utilised — for the temporary occupation of creative projects.

This is the first time DDB has worked with Suitcase Theatre collective — a small, passionate local group that recruits, contributes and collaborates to produce meaningful and "silly" theatrical events for the community.

The Suitcase Theatre show Check Your Adult at the Door is an invitation for adults to re-engage with the principles of play.

Visitors to the project, which will run at 343 George St until March 23, are invited to "check-in" their symbols of adulthood — cellphones, car keys, ties and uncomfortable shoes.

Then it is time to "play" with paints, blocks and Lego, read a book, or do a puzzle for as long as you like. Entry is free.

Sessions will run from 5.30pm-7.30pm on week days, and 10am-2pm on weekends.

The Dunedin Dream Brokerage is also delighted to be working with Spectacle on the activation of a new space — the former Shop on Carroll site at 10 Carroll St.

The Spectacle Extend showcase of visual arts, music and workshops, which runs until March 23, is featured on this page.