Rainbow-coloured T-shirts show support

Woof! owner Josh Thomas, left, and staff members Liam Hoffman and Jamiema Lorimer showcase...
Woof! owner Josh Thomas, left, and staff members Liam Hoffman and Jamiema Lorimer showcase rainbow T-shirts that will help encourage acceptance. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON
A colourful T-shirt could help encourage acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community at locations across the city.

About 100 T-shirts featuring a rainbow-coloured beer glass have been sold over the counter recently at Dunedin bar Woof!, in Moray Pl.

Owner Josh Thomas said the limited-edition T-shirts were provided free of charge by Emerson’s Brewery, possibly inspired by the bar’s involvement in discussions about installing a rainbow crossing at the intersection of Stuart St and Moray Pl, spearheaded by former co-owner Dudley Benson.

"I think they were quite inspired by the rainbow crossing kaupapa."

Funds raised by the sale of the T-shirts will be used to create a printed rainbow logo that can be provided free of charge to retail stores and businesses to show they are a queer-friendly location.

Mr Thomas said he was inspired by a recent visit to Melbourne where many shops had signs saying they welcomed all genders and identities.

He was also impressed by a sign outside Bike House Dunedin which displays a progress pride flag with the words "everyone is welcome here".

The aim was to create something that would be a visible message of inclusion.

"The reason for it is that when you are a queer person wandering down the street, it’s very meaningful to see that show of support.

"Even if you already know you are welcome there, it just means a lot, and these symbols and these messages really do make you feel you are in the right place."

Once all the T-shirts were sold, the aim would be to use the funds to provide the stickers at no cost to businesses.

"We might have to do a few different versions, but ideally it will be a permanent window transfer.

"But there may be other options if people literally don’t have a window."

The original T-shirt design was by Luke Johnston.