Bridesmaids' Dress Trends 2012

Total contrast is in this season.
Total contrast is in this season.

Finding the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses is often more stressful than finding the right wedding gown. 

Brides need to consider the theme and colour scheme of their wedding, as well as the various body shapes of their bridesmaids, and their budgets. Here’s a few tips on the hot bridesmaids trends for 2012, which will hopefully help make your decision-making more fun and stress-free.

Mix and match

Let the unique personalities of your bridesmaids shine through, with each of them wearing a different style of dress. Opting for your maids to wear varying dress styles, shades and lengths allows the bridal party to look less uniform and enables your maids to express their own individual style. An added bonus of each bridesmaid wearing a different dress is that it should suit their body-shape Inevitably this will allow them to feel confident and comfortable on your special day. Choosing dresses in varying hues of the same colour palette, but in differing styles is set to be one of the biggest trends for 2012 weddings.

Vintage theme

Vintage-themed weddings are still going strong and included in this trend is vintage-style bridesmaids dresses. Colours are romantic and subdued in dusky pink, peach, nude, powder blue, taupe and lilac. Any era works for your vintage-inspired maids’ dresses, whether you opt for the sleek flapper or drop-waist silhouette of the 1920s, the ethereal Grecian or mermaid style of the 1930s and ’40s, the tea-length sheath dress of the 1950s or the playfully preppy full skirt of the 1960s, so long as it’s a look from days gone by, it’s on-trend for 2012.

A white wedding

White, ivory and cream bridesmaids’ dresses are a growing trend, thanks in part to Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton’s choices in ivory bridesmaids' dresses for their 2011 weddings. Traditionally white has been reserved for the bride alone, worn to signify her virginity and purity and for anyone but the bride to wear it would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. However, bridesmaids in white are now not only considered acceptable but in vogue. Brides who dare to be a little different can stand out from the crowd in a black or jewel-coloured gown and have their bridesmaids wear white. It will certainly make for a memorable wedding!

Grey days

Grey may not be the colour that immediately comes to mind in regards to bridesmaids dresses, but it’s a colour choice that is becoming increasingly popular. A soft powdery grey fits in beautifully with the vintage-inspired wedding, perfectly complementing the pretty subdued hues popular with this trend. Slate grey also works well with a more contemporary-themed wedding, looking sleek and sophisticated when mixed with bright colours such as tangerine, yellow, purple, emerald and fuchsia.

The relaxed bridesmaid

Despite the fact a wedding is the perfect excuse to get dressed up, many brides are opting for a more “relaxed” style for their bridesmaids. Full, floor-length skirts teamed with a plain T-shirt, body-suit, singlet or crisp shirt and worn with ornate jewellery look elegant, yet offer a carefree feel and are perfect for a summer wedding. Bridesmaids’ dresses featuring pockets also reflect a casual aesthetic and offer the practicality of being able to carry lipstick and perfume for those touch-ups needed throughout the day.


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