Dress it up / It suits you, sir

Dress it up
You’re the centrepiece of the entire day, so it is worth putting in some real time and effort to find the perfect gown.
Local wedding boutiques and designers have wedding gown styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Use their experience and knowledge to find the perfect dress for your perfect day, whether you intend to save on the dress, spend, or splurge.

It suits you, sir
Whether you are tall, slim, and long-legged, short and stocky, or an athletic build, a well-fitted suit will make you the apple of your bride’s eye.

To buy or hire?
* You’ll get plenty of future wear out of it.
* Custom-made will ensure it looks and feels perfect.
* It’s a stylish keepsake from your wedding day.
* Buying a suit can be expensive.
* You may need to have several fittings.

* Can ensure you look great without blowing your budget.
* You may never have use for a tuxedo again.
* Disappointment that you don’t get to keep it.
* Potentially paying extra for any damage to the suit.