Wardrobe Confessions: Annemarie Mains

Annemarie Mains. Photo by Nick Palmer.
Annemarie Mains. Photo by Nick Palmer.
One of the leading figures in the Southern fashion scene, prominent Queenstown and Dunedin businesswoman Annemarie Mains opens her wardrobe to Sarah Harvey.

How would you describe your style?
For me, style is timeless and I see my personal style as modern and casual, but love to dress up for a formal function.

I love dresses and the wonderful colours in summer! My style does change with the seasons.

In winter, you can create a more classic look with coats and black and white, my favourite winter colours.

There are certain times when I prefer to have an elegant look. Jewellery is very important to me and I love to accessorise! The secret to chic is the right accessories.

Has it evolved over the years?
Yes, it has.

I have moved towards a smart casual look as in the earlier years it was more a business dress sense. I love perfume and still use the same perfume - Dior's Poison - for more than 20 years.

Certain things stay the same.

Describe your wardrobe.
Luckily, my friends don't have to answer that.

I have got a slightly large wardrobe. My clothes are colour coded.

If I need to wear a certain colour, I can find it! I still have clothes that I had 15 years ago and have reused them at certain times.

So much for "if you don't wear them in two years, get rid of it"!

Whose style do you like or look up to?

I love clothing that focuses on the neckline and chest. That changes an outfit for me, smart or casual.

There is a sense of elegance and sexiness when designers incorporate that in their designs.

I don't have one designer that I concentrate on. There are such a lot of different designers with lovely clothes that I buy what I need at the time.

Who are your current favourite designers?
I wear clothes from various New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and other overseas designers and buy to suit my need for a particular situation.

What is your favourite item of clothing?
I haven't got a particular item that I prefer as I tend to dress on how I feel on the day.

Sometimes it is grab and go and sometimes it is considering . . . and considering!

Shoes - I love shoes and have a few pairs! Funny how you can justify why you need to have a new pair.

I am tall, therefore I can't wear the very high heels, but high heels are stylish, feminine and elegant.

On the other hand, my Merrell jandals are a dream with leisure wear etc! Accessory - Diamonds are a girl's best friend I love diamonds.

A few years ago I took all my diamond rings to Tony Williams jeweller in Dunedin and I love my ring. Luckily, it is on my wedding finger and I can wear it every day.

What was the last item of clothing that you bought?
Casual wear for our boat trip to the Marlborough Sounds over the Christmas break.

What has been your best fashion bargain?
I bought a wonderful Versace dress during a sale at the Versace shop in Australia and could justify buying it!

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
You do make mistakes but I can't recall anything that haunts me!

A fashion tip? Stick to your own individual style that suits you.

I can appreciate a nice dress that someone else wears and that person still looks beautiful although it might not be my style.

Fads do clutter your wardrobe, but elegance stays! For me, someone can be elegant with casual of formal wear.

A beauty tip? Moisturise and make the most of your skin from an early age.

The right maintenance programme will help with what genetics can't do! Go for monthly facials and if you can't afford it, do your own home facial.

People smelling nice always makes me smile - don't forget your perfume!

What would you buy if money wasn't an object? Enjoy days in New York's fashion boutiques. I am a brand buyer!


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