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Kacey Divers, who was married at Grandview Gardens in March. Photo by AHM Photography.
Kacey Divers, who was married at Grandview Gardens in March. Photo by AHM Photography.
By Donna-Marie Stark, Shotz Photography, Fellow of Photography NZIPP, chair Otago/Southland region New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography.

Kiwi weddings are going strong, people are still taking the plunge. Lovely nervous brides and grooms are still spending their hard-earned cash to make sure their guests have a blast and that they, as the centre focus, are presented beautifully or, in the groom's case, as dashing as he can be.

From the bride's skin preparation, makeup, hairdo, floral designs and jewels to her stunning dress, from top to toe she looks amazing. The groom has most likely had a haircut and shave and hopefully a shower before he throws on his suit and looks a million dollars - classy, debonair and downright hunky. Who wouldn't want to be part of their day and remember it for years to come?

Step in the experienced photographer, the professional with a cool, calm, relaxed approach that can settle the panic frenzy that takes over the families' homes. The photographer who covers weddings with passion and creativity. It is not just income for their business, their reputation is constantly on the line. The professional invests in his or her career choice annually to keep up with technology and to polish their skills with education. The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography offers just that: education and support.

OK, so the wedding photos have been taken. What happens now?

Well this is when the fun begins with the creative post-production work. Years ago we had darkrooms; now we have light rooms. Photographers have more control of what they are producing now with that very important tool, Photoshop. Images can be manipulated and enhanced to obtain beautiful visuals with the help of technology and the photographer's vision.

What do you do with stunning handcrafted, enhanced pieces of art?

How would you like to show them to your friends when they come to visit?


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