CD reviews: The Jayhawks

Having formed 30-odd years ago, almost before "alt-country'' entered the critics' lexicon, the Minneapolis outfit shows there is still magic among its members, even if Gary Louris' co-founder, Mark Olson, is absent.

The fact REM's Peter Buck is a co-producer here becomes apparent as the record's warmth builds, helped by harmonies from another REM voice, Mike Mills.

Paging Mr Proust stands up as a cohesive yet varied offering that ranges from Byrds-ish jangle (Quiet Corners In Empty Spaces), to acoustic guitar-driven waves (Isabel's Daughter), to spiky, distorted groove (Ace), to synth-bass pop pulse (Comeback Kids).

• The Jayhawks. Paging Mr Proust. Thirty Tigers.

Four stars (out of five)

Single download: The Dust of Long-Dead Stars
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- Shane Gilchrist

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