CD Reviews: Lenny Kravitz

If there wasn't a hint in its title, the 10th album from singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, producer (the list goes on) Lenny Kravitz signals its glam-sleeze intent early, opener Sex borrowing a vibe (and guitar sound) straight out of Bowie's Fame.

All his technical ability aside, Kravitz lingers a little too long in a comfortable late-night lounge, swaggering around a framework of riff-rock, reconstituted funk and dirty soul.

In short, Strut offers no significant U-turns (unlike previous album Black and White America) nor does it stumble.

Kravitz might scream loudly from time to time, but in doing so he runs a risk of which few men might be accused: that is, faking it.

•  Lenny Kravitz. Strut. Roxie Records.

•  Two and a half (out of five)

Single download: Strut
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- Shane Gilchrist

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