Taking listeners on a dark journey

GPOGP perform at Dunedin's Crown Hotel tonight. Photo supplied.
GPOGP perform at Dunedin's Crown Hotel tonight. Photo supplied.
GPOGP stands for a pretty attention-grabbing band name, but since the ODT is a family publication, we'll have to stick to acronyms herein.

Attention-grabbing though, is a pretty well-suited term to describe the Auckland four-piece outfit.

Playing a disquieting, claustrophobic, and to many ''difficult'' form of noisy avant-post-punk, the group led by vocalist/songwriter/artist Casey Latimer has just released its second album/book, Eeling, and will make an appearance at the Crown Hotel tonight. Latimer says the introspective and haunting work is a step up from their 2011 debut album.

With the band more focused, patient, and decisive in their writing and editing process, the result is, Latimer says, a more cohesive finished product. And sonically, it shows.

Across Eeling, the dissonant atonalities, inventive rhythms, and Roland S. Howard-style guitar riffs certainly aren't always immediately gratifying, but given a chance, it's an album that can take listeners on a dark rewarding journey, filled with unfamiliar sounds and styles.

Tied strongly to the group's musical output is their artwork, created by band members Latimer and drummer Catherine Cumming, alongside former collaborator Alex Brown, of Auckland pop-punk trio Street Chant.

Following in the footsteps of their last release, a collection of this work, alongside transcripts of Latimer's poetic lyrics, serves as a physical accompaniment to the album, and will be available for purchase at the show.

Since1999, Vorn Colgan has been releasing well-received independent albums and building a small but fanatical following on the back of touring with his live band, all without the support of a major label or funding from NZ on Air.

A deft pop-songwriter with a habit of commenting on the more depressing elements of the modern era, Vorn will present fans with an opportunity to hear some tunes from his seventh studio album with two Dunedin shows next week.

Catch them

GPOGP play at the Crown Hotel, Rattray St, Dunedin, tonight, with support from Opposite Sex, Astro Children, and Beiamin. First band starts at 9.30pm. Entry $10 on the door. GPOGP will also appear at Mou Very (George St) on Sunday night for an early show.

Catch him

Vorn performs on Thursday, February 14, at Chick's Hotel, Port Chalmers, and Friday, February 15, at the Coronation Hall in Maori Hill.

Dunedin folk trio Delgirl will provide support for both shows.

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