‘New runner’ ready to tackle 10km

Sue Bidrose
Sue Bidrose
Going for a run gives the Dunedin City Council chief executive officer a chance to take a break.

Dr Sue Bidrose will be one of the thousands of athletes lining up to take part in the Dunedin Marathon.

The self-confessed ‘‘new runner’’ is set to run the 10km course.

Her love of running started last year when she downloaded an app which helped users reach 5km. Despite a tough first run, during which she struggled to run for a full minute, she persevered and is now following a 10km programme. 

‘‘In fact, I can run 10km now, so I know I’m good to go.
‘‘Now I’m thinking I might do a half marathon next.’’

She has grown to enjoy running and the adrenaline that comes with tackling longer runs.

‘‘I’m lucky because I didn’t really do any sports or athletics or anything as a kid, so my joints are all in reasonably good nick.’’

Listening to music while she trains gets her in a rhythm and helps to switch off her mind.

‘‘It’s like a complete break.
‘‘I don’t get many of those.’’

She fits in a run about three times a week, including on a recent trip to China. Early morning runs in 32degC heat and 90% humidity made her first run back in Dunedin a ‘‘breeze’’.

She did her first Parkrun on New Year’s Day, which was ‘‘fantastic’’. ‘‘I can’t recommend them highly enough.’’

She was looking forward to race day, and will run to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. ‘‘I’m quite looking forward to being in a group of runners.
‘‘It feels like quite an achievement because I wasn’t happy with my weight and, in particular, I wasn’t happy with my level of fitness.
‘‘Having got to this point where I can run 10km without passing out, that just feels like a real kick.’’

She felt proud of the lifestyle changes she had made, and the work she had put into improving her fitness. ‘‘I never thought I’d be this person.’’

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