Dunedin Symphony Orchestra - Forsyth Barr Matinee Series 'Songs and Serenades

Vincent Hardaker: Conductor
Vincent Hardaker: Conductor

Vincent Hardaker, New Zealand’s inaugural Assistant Conductor, has a full 2021 schedule, conducting several concerts with the Auckland Philharmonia, Christchurch Symphony, and the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra.

Tessa Romano: Mezzo-Soprano
Tessa Romano: Mezzo-Soprano
Making her DSO dèbut is Tessa Romano, the University’s voice lecturer. An enthusiastic performer of new and contemporary music, she will perform Aaron Copland’s setting of eight poems by pre-eminent American poet Emily Dickinson.

The subjects that captured Copland’s interest range widely - nature, the solace of love, faith and doubt, death – all conveyed through Copland’s catchy and direct style.

Mozart’s charming and elegant Serenade will showcase the talents of the DSO’s woodwind and brass. Then the DSO’s strings will be to the fore in Elgar’s Serenade, a work which Elgar considered his favourite. The full orchestra comes together for the final work in the programme, Schubert’s joyful, lyrical, and energetic Symphony No. 6.

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  • Elgar: Serenade for Strings
  • Mozart: Serenade No. 12
  • Copland: Eight poems of Emily Dickinson
  • Schubert: Symphony No. 6



  • Saturday, 3 July, at 5pm, and
  • Sunday, 4 July, at 3pm
  • King's and Queen's Performing Arts Centre

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