Smart in merino

With the first days of spring behind us, you could be forgiven for getting ready to shed your winter woollen layer, but think again.

The clever people at Icebreaker know the superior performance of merino wool for staving off chills, but they also know it can keep you cool when it is hot and let your skin breathe.

With their superfine merino material, they have created a new collection in a range of colours - from viola and turquoise to concrete and snow - and styles - from dresses and skirts to singlets and tees.

Icebreaker merino cools the body by pulling moisture away from it, keeping you dry and comfortable in the heat.

The magic material will also keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Other stores have also caught on to demand for lighter-weight merino clothing, with both Shanton and Farmers stocking ranges which include cardigans, tunics and singlets.


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