Baristas uncovered

Tom Richardson (24). Photo: Gregor Richardson
Tom Richardson (24). Photo: Gregor Richardson
You exchange daily chit-chat, the odd joke and they know what you want before you ask, but what do you actually know about the person who makes your coffee every day?

Fresh aims to give you some insight into those coffee warriors with its new monthly segment, Baristas Uncovered.

Tom Richardson (24) - Perc, Dunedin

Q How did you end up making coffee?

Drinking excessive amounts, working in a cafe kitchen.

Then I pestered the owner to let me on the machine and ended up loving it.

Q Key to being a good barista is?

Obsessiveness, attention to detail and multitasking

Q Weirdest drink request you've had?

Anything with 5+ sugars.

More common than you'd think.

Q What do you drink?

Piccolos all day.

Q What does it take to make those shapes on top of a coffee?

Practice and lots of YouTube vids. A steady hand and good milk helps.

Q Top tip for home coffee makers?

Plunger can be just as good as espresso! It's all about the quality of beans you buy - you get out what you put in.

Q Chemex or Cold Brew - what's your preference?


Q Would you serve coffee in an avocado shell?

Sounds impractical.

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