Baristas Uncovered: Max Baldoni

Max Baldoni (30) is from Argentina and works at Insomnia (formerly Strictly Coffee). Photo: Linda Robertson
Max Baldoni (30) is from Argentina and works at Insomnia (formerly Strictly Coffee). Photo: Linda Robertson
You exchange daily chat-chat, the odd joke and they know what you want before you ask, but what do you actually know about the person who makes your coffee every day?

Max Baldoni - Insomnia

Q How did you end up making coffee?

First learned to make coffee in my home country of Argentina. When I moved to NZ I found a massive demand for baristas which was great for me because I love making coffee.

Q Key to being a good barista is?

Knowledge, practice, dedication and love.

Q Weirdest drink request you've had?

Single shot almond milk decaf mocha.

Q What do you drink?

Long black.

Q What does it take to make those shapes on top of a coffee?

1) good extraction

2) perfectly steamed milk

3) slow pour first, then bring down your milk jug to the surface of the milk then shake

4) practise steps one, two and three till you can do it without thinking about it (this will take a while)

Q Top tip for home coffee makers?

Buy quality fresh beans, invest in some quality kit, practise, taste and consult your local barista for advice.

Q Chemex or Cold Brew?

Chemex because I like the aroma and hot coffee and think it highlights the flavour profiles of different bean varieties.

Q Would you serve coffee in a avocado shell as per latest instagram trends?

I'd be happy to make a coffee in an avocado skin if you bring your own shell.

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