How to make arepa

Luz Mery Johnstone from Colombia shows us how to make arepa.

Luz Mery Johnstone, a journalist, communicator and event organiser from Colombia came to Dunedin earlier this year with her New Zealand husband. They met in London, where their daughter Elizabeth was born.

Like Mexico and other Latin American countries, in Colombia corn is an essential part of the cuisine and culture.

Arepa is like a bread or pancake made from cornmeal and eaten at breakfast simply spread with butter, or with cheese or eggs, and perhaps a cup of hot chocolate.

Smaller versions are often served at lunch or as a snack, sometimes with sausage, like chorizo, or with scrambled egg.

To make 4:
1 cup cornmeal (polenta)
about1 /2 cup grated cheddar
1 tsp butter
1 tsp sugar salt to taste
boiling water to mix

Put cornmeal, cheese, butter, sugar and salt in a bowl and add just enough boiling water to mix to a stiff dough.

Use a spoon first, and when cool enough to handle, knead with your hands.

Take about a quarter of the dough, shape into a ball then flatten with your fingers to shape into a pancake about .5cm thick.

Heat a little butter or oil in a frying pan and cook the arepa until nicely browned with crunchy patches.

Turn over, lower the heat and cook the other side.

Thanks to Afife Harris.


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