Old-fashioned plum steamed pudding



Steamed puddings seem to be a thing from the past. 

I remember my mum making them and I was always intrigued by how they cooked in a pot of steaming water. 

This recipe is fantastic as you can make it larger or smaller by simply weighing the eggs and doing a little maths. 

I have used plums for this recipe, but have used apples, pears, peaches etc in the past.

Serves 6

400g plums, stones removed and cut

into pieces

40g light brown sugar

2 eggs (100g)

100g butter

100g caster sugar

100g flour

2 tsp baking powder

1-2 Tbsp milk


Place the prepared plums in a small saucepan with the sugar and cook gently for about 5 minutes or until the plums have softened.

Grease the inside of a 1-litre pudding basin with butter.

Put the plums in the bottom and chill until completely cool.

Bring a large deep pot half-full with water to the boil. Place a heat proof trivet (I used a plate) in the water and cover with a tight fitting lid.

To make the pudding batter

This is the formula to remember: Crack the eggs and weigh. Now measure the butter, sugar and flour in separate bowls, each must equal the weight of the eggs.

If you want a large pudding simply weigh 3-4 eggs and then follow above instructions.

It works every time!

Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time. Beat until fluffy and creamy.

Sieve the flour and baking powder together and fold into the egg mixture.

Add enough milk to give you a soft dropping consistency.

Spoon the pudding batter over the plums.

Cover with a large round of baking paper, followed by tin foil. Secure tightly to the rim with string.

Place the pudding on the trivet and, if needed, top up the boiling water so that it comes two-thirds up the sides of the pudding. Cover tightly with the lid and simmer for 1 and a-half hours.

Once cooked, remove from the water and cool for 20 minutes before turning upside down on your serving platter.

Best enjoyed warm.

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