Impressive variety of styles among recent sauvignon blancs

Exciting for me in the latest collection to taste my very first wine from the 2021 vintage, from the Jules Taylor stable.

They concluded picking on April 1, so in no time at all, the wine is ready to be enjoyed in all its youthful vibrancy.

Exciting also to see the raft of interesting flavours across the wines, with some treading quite different paths.

No risk of SB being a one-trick pony here.

Finally, was the excitement at the overall quality across the group.

Sure, some accomplished producers here, but the class of these recent vintages shows too.



2020 Loveblock Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Price RRP $21.99
Rating Excellent 

Sweetly fruited, fresh
grapes, fruit sherbet,
citrus, stony, cut grass,
a hint of funk. Lovely
flavour intensity with
gold kiwifruit, spiced
pear, citrus, herbs and
tropical notes. Crisply
refreshing, yet not
strident acidity and great
length. Manages to be
clearly SB, while
bringing in other
flavours for interest. A
lovely mouthful with lots
to enjoy.

2019 Mahi Single Vineyard Boundary Farm Marlborough Sauv Blanc

Price RRP $34.90
Rating Excellent

A wisp of struck match,
wet wool, sour cream,
smoke, cut herbs,
sweet fruit lurking.
Intense palate bringing
in nuts, stonefruit, just
ripe kiwifruit and green
herbs. Shows another
side of SB and does so
in a fascinating and
delicious way, with a
flavour spectrum far
from the typical realm.
All the more fun for that,
becoming more racy as
it opens up.

2020 Craggy Range Te Muna Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc

Price RRP $26.95
Rating Excellent to Outstanding

Floral & aromatic nose
with passionfruit, cut
grass, chamomile and
growing sweet
perfume, a hint of
warm bread later.
Creamy texture,
powerfully flavoured,
the sweet fruit neatly
balanced by tangy
gooseberry and
grassiness, with ripe
grapefruit and vibrant
acidity, too. Balanced
& heaps to enjoy. Hits
the yummy factor.

2020 Misha’s Vineyard The Starlet Central Otago Sauvignon Blanc

Price RRP $30
Rating Excellent

Smoke, gunflint,
nectarine, citrus, herbs,
rather attractive and
building in pungency.
Racy acidity sets the
tone, before sweet
roars in to snap this into
balance. There’s a cool
crispness to this, while
a little chalky/citrus pith
element adds to the
textural interest. Really
hits the refreshment
button, and would be
smashable sitting in the
sun on a warm day.

2020 Nautilus The Paper Nautilus

Price RRP $35
Rating Rating Excellent

A fascinating mix with
funky nuances, steely
mineral, grass, herbs
and greengage plum.
Brimming with flavour
adding green
capsicum, lanolin,
kiwifruit, lime and
tangelo to the mix. A
tanginess with chewy
crunchiness to the
finish. Retreats into its
shell a little but time
allows this to open out
again and blossom.

2021 Jules Taylor Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Price RRP $25
Rating Rating Excellent

Youthfully fruity nose
with wine gums & juicy
fruit gum before more
typical chopped herbs
and grass kick in. This
dances between sweet
fruit and tanginess with
sugar snap pea and
gooseberry flavours to
the fore. A cooling
raciness, flirting with a
little sweet and sour
action on the finish
before the fruit intensity
kicks in with delicious
roundness and appeal.



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