‘Melting pot’ set to provide arts magic

A night of experimental art and saucy debauchery is on the horizon as Dunedin Fringe Festival cabaret performers prepare for their big night on stage.

Organiser and performer Tess Hazelhurst, known onstage as Tessa Motion, said The Haberdashery show was a showcase of dance, drag, music, comedy and more.

It was a space for budding and experienced artists to try out their performance, from junior drag queens to bedroom vocalists.

It would be an invigorating performance for those with open minds and hearts, she said.

Being a performer during Covid-19 meant balancing the need for safety and the realities of putting on a show.

Even though some compromises had to be made, such as venue numbers, she was confident it would still be a "magical performance".

There were limited spaces available which would be on a first come first served basis and all money collected would be donated to the Red Cross.

Ready to show off their performance for The Haberdashery cabaret show as part of the Dunedin...
Ready to show off their performance for The Haberdashery cabaret show as part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival are (from left) Harper Rose, Madchen Marie of the Southern Sirens, Tessa Motion and Sam in Colour (all stage names) at Dog With Two Tails yesterday. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
The show is one of many in the Fringe Festival, which is set to hold events around Dunedin.

Director Gareth McMillan said it was a "melting pot" of different styles of art and there was something for everyone, including online events for those who did not feel comfortable going out right now.

The festival was always going to be affected by Covid-19, but now was the time for small events to shine.

There was also a robust refund policy available for those who were worried they would strike out on cancelled events.

It was "really important" people had something to celebrate and whatever you were interested in, Fringe had something for you, he said.

The festival is scheduled to start tomorrow and will continue through until Sunday, March 27.


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