$10,000 bonus with capsicum

A Dunedin grandmother got a little more than she bargained for this week when she bought a red capsicum from her local supermarket.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, used the $1 change she received from buying the vegetable, to buy a Tic Tac Togs Instant Kiwi ticket on her way out of the supermarket, and won $10,000.

She scratched the ticket next to the kiosk, and initially had no idea how much she had won.

''I kept counting the number of zeros on the prize amounts and thought there were only two $10,000 prizes and the other prize total was $1000,'' she said.

''I took it straight over to the counter and told the girl that I thought I'd won something.''

The winner said she usually bought a couple of Instant Kiwi tickets when she got paid on Thursdays, but this was a Wednesday, so her purchase and her win were quite unexpected.

''I keep thinking that if I hadn't popped in for a red capsicum then I would never have had this money or this great feeling,'' she said.

The woman has bought a few pre-Christmas treats, but plans to save most of the money until she has had time to think about what to spend it on.

''I'd love to take a big trip in the new year, so I'll put some of the winnings towards that,'' she said.

There are still five prizes of $10,000 remaining on $1 Instant Kiwi Tic Tac Togs tickets.



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