Algal blooms meeting topic

The Tomahawk community will ''mull'' over the science behind the algae problems in its lagoon last summer.

At an Otago Regional Council public meeting this week, the science behind the blooms and the health risks to people and animals was explained to about 40 people who attended.

Council engineering, hazards and science director Gavin Palmer said the aim of the meeting was to pass on information the council had gathered on the lagoon and the problem with algal blooms.

''We left them with information to mull over and the community can decide what it wishes to do now.''

The council would monitor the lagoon.

Otago Peninsula Community Board member Paul Pope said it was a positive meeting, which provided much information.

Some older members of the community attended and were able to shed some light on historical aspects of the lagoon, he said.

''It was a good opportunity to open lines of communication between the council and the community.''

The community was now fully aware of why it was such a ''tricky problem'' to fix, he said.

The community would consider the information before any further decisions were made.

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