Baldwin St no-go zone

A suitable location for a public toilet near Baldwin St is proving hard to find.

The Dunedin City Council and Northeast Valley residents have been investigating possible sites for a public toilet catering for visitors to the world's steepest street.

But the search had been unsuccessful, DCC city property assistant manager Rhonda Abercrombie said.

The nearest public toilet was at Chingford Park, about 1km - or a a 15-minute walk - from Baldwin St.

Another was outside New World supermarket at the Gardens, about 1.6km from Baldwin St, and there were public toilets in the Dunedin Botanic Garden.

''Finding suitable sites for public toilet facilities which ... don't have a major impact on local residents and adjoining property owners is incredibly difficult,'' Mrs Abercrombie said. The council would continue to work to find a solution.


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