Bunny doesn't bug Timmy

Chihuahua Timmy and his rabbit mate, Solomon, play at owner Beverley Livingstone's Caversham home...
Chihuahua Timmy and his rabbit mate, Solomon, play at owner Beverley Livingstone's Caversham home yesterday. Photo by Steven Jaquiery.
It was puppy love at first sight for Solomon.

And Timmy the chihuahua thought the exotic newcomer in his rabbit-fur coat looked like fun, too.

The unlikely pair have been almost inseparable since owner Beverley Livingstone was given the rabbit by a friend a week ago.

The raced around the front yard of her Caversham home yesterday like two old mates.

Timmy would chase Solomon one way, tugging on his ears. Then they were bolting back with Solomon in hot pursuit and Timmy grinning like a maniac.

Although, it appeared to the Otago Daily Times Solomon had a rather different take on the relationship to Timmy.

"They love playing together. Timmy thinks Solomon's his best mate for life," Ms Livingstone said.

Ms Livingstone.
Ms Livingstone.
"It all started when I went to put food in the hutch and Solomon hopped out and, the next thing you know, Timmy has taken off after him. I was absolutely terrified. I thought 'Oh, no'. I'm going to have to ring my friend and say 'Sorry, but the rabbit's dead'," she recalled.

"But, then they turned around and Solomon was chasing Timmy in the other direction. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm a dog trainer and I've never seen anything like it."

Ms Livingstone said it was a mystery how the rabbit had managed to burrow into the chihuahua's affections.

"I grew up on a farm and I know dogs and rabbits aren't that compatible. It's very unusual.

"I came home the other day and they were on the bed, nose-to-nose and sound asleep. They'd play and sleep together on the bed all night if I let them. But, then I can't get to sleep, because they keep running around on the bed playing. As soon as they stop, Solomon starts thumping his tail to get Timmy's attention again.

"I sit and watch TV at night with one on each knee. If I stop patting, Solomon nibbles my fingers to get me going again," she said.

"Timmy even shares his dog food with Solomon. However, occasionally he remembers he's a rabbit again and goes and eats some grass."

Ms Livingstone also has a 15-year-old border collie cross called Buddy.

"He just thinks they're silly."

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