Climate change sceptic to speak

A leading global warming sceptic, Lord Christopher Monckton, will speak in Dunedin next month. His visit is part of a national ''Climate Freedom Tour'' and will include a lunch and an evening function on April 23.

Lord Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, hereditary peer and former newspaper editor.

Formerly a member of the Conservative Party, he worked for Margaret Thatcher's Number 10 Policy Unit during the 1980s.

In recent years, he has received publicity for holding sceptical views about man-made climate change and has authored more than 100 papers on the climate issue. Dunedin organiser Jock Allison, of the New Zealand Science Coalition, said Lord Monckton was an entertaining speaker with different views from the mainstream on climate change.

He would speak on why the many claims of human-induced climate change were inaccurate and why there was no reason to be concerned about global warming and sea-level rise. The lack of effect of carbon taxes and emission trading schemes and international climate agendas would also be discussed.

Dr Allison hoped about 400 people would attend the combined events at the Savoy Reception and Conference Centre and University of Otago Burns theatre A.


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