Congestion worries with traffic lights

Plans for a new set of traffic lights and a Barnes Dance pedestrian crossing on Mosgiel’s main street have some locals worried that traffic will become more congested.

The lights and crossing will be installed on the intersection between Gordon Rd and Eden St as part of the new Mosgiel pool project, which is scheduled to begin construction mid year.

Reaction on social media yesterday was heated.

One commenter said access from Reid Ave would make more sense, as it would be safer for children and families, adding it was "way over time" State Highway 87 was moved away from Gordon Rd, the town’s main street.

Another praised the proposal. She said traffic lights would make the area much safer for children and school groups using the pool.

Another commenter said the proposal was "not a very funny joke".

Letters were sent on Wednesday to residents who lived close to the site for the new facility.

Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board chairwoman Joy Davis welcomed the development.

She said members of the public had been asked for their feedback as the project progressed, and if they had more they should give it via the proper channels.

The NZ Transport Agency was consulted on the crossing.

"It’s only just been announced," she said, and locals should "study it up a bit more, then make their feedback".

Feedback can be made via the DCC website, or by contacting a local community board member.


Where's the fun in providing proper feedback when you can vent on social media?