Sex offender denied parole

Paiea Shane Waihirere in 2017. Photo: Rob Kidd
Paiea Shane Waihirere in 2017. Photo: Rob Kidd
A Dunedin sex offender has been urged to plan his release from prison outside the region after his victim spoke of her life being "ripped from her".

Paiea Shane Waihirere, 58, was declined parole for a second time when he appeared before the board last month, seven years into his 12-and-a-half-year jail term.

The man’s crimes occurred between 1999 and 2005, starting when the victim was just 9.

He would creep into her bedroom and perform indecent acts, and claimed he was adamant she was asleep throughout.

From 2002, the offending escalated with more intrusive sex acts.

Waihirere only confessed to police after his partner discovered the depravity and threatened to make a complaint.

Analysis of his electronic devices showed he had taken photos of the abuse as it happened.

Officers also found 534 objectionable publications featuring girls between the ages of 3 and 15.

The forensic digital investigation revealed Waihirere had dabbled with Photoshop and had superimposed the victim’s face on to other illegal material he had found online.

The sentencing judge called his illicit conduct "premeditated, calculated and repeated".

At Waihere’s first parole hearing last year, the board heard he was set to begin specialist child sex offender treatment imminently.

But last month, panel convener Martha Coleman said that had been delayed and the prisoner was only due to finish the course in June.

"That is followed by a reflection stage and the writing of reports," she stressed.

The victim told the board she was opposed to Waihirere’s early release and emphasised "the manipulation and control that he exerted".

Ms Coleman summarised the woman’s views: "As a normal life had been ripped from her as a consequence of the abuse she suffered, Mr Waihirere should not be permitted to resume his until the end of his sentence."

The victim wanted the Rolleston Prison inmate to be excluded from the Otago and Canterbury regions, to reduce the possibility of seeing him.

But the request drew some opposition from the sex offender.

"He said that he wanted to reconnect with his family because family meant everything to him," Ms Coleman said.

"It was explained to him that her family [was] very important to her as well . . . He was encouraged to plan his release elsewhere."

She noted Waihirere had scored high on the sexual deviancy scale and sought an updated psychological report before his next parole hearing in January 2025.