ERO gives new school good report

An Education Review Office (ERO) report has revealed Bathgate Park School is thriving in the wake of the Ministry of Education's 2012 South Dunedin Schools Review.

It is the first time ERO has investigated the school since Macandrew Intermediate and Forbury School went through a turbulent merger into the years 1-8 school on the former Macandrew Intermediate site.

The review effectively asks the question: Is this school's curriculum promoting pupil learning, engagement, progress and achievement?

It found the roll had grown rapidly during the past two years, and the school valued the diverse cultural backgrounds of its pupils.

''The principal and staff have worked hard to develop a positive school culture, pride in the new school and high expectations for behaviour.

''Adults in the school go the extra mile for children.

''Students who spoke with ERO were very enthusiastic about their school. They felt that adults in the school cared about them, their learning and wellbeing.''

The review also found existing buildings had been upgraded to create a more attractive learning environment, and a new playground was built especially for the younger pupils.

The main concern raised by ERO was the achievement of many pupils against the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics was low when compared with national figures.

However, the report noted most of the pupils at the school had transferred from other schools.

A ministry adviser has been working with the school to lift pupil achievement, and the board and principal saw it as an urgent priority, the report showed.

''Many of the areas for review and development in this report had already been identified by the school. This shows that the board and school leaders are well informed about what is going well in the school and what they need to do to improve.''

Overall, the report found the school was well placed to sustain and improve its performance, and ERO was likely to carry out its next review in three years.

Principal Whetu Cormick was delighted with the findings.

''The staff are very pleased with the findings from ERO.

''They reflect the very hard work that they, our parents and the board of trustees have done over the past two and a-half years.''



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