Future of Robbie Burns Pub unclear

The Robbie Burns Pub is being renovated and its future will be decided in the new year.PHOTO:...
The Robbie Burns Pub is being renovated and its future will be decided in the new year.PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
The future of the historic Robbie Burns Pub in George St is unclear, as the building's owner considers what's in store for the Dunedin hotel.

A scheduled meeting of the Dunedin district licensing committee was to have considered an opposed on-licence application for the hotel today, but that meeting was cancelled.

Owner Oakwood Properties executive director David Marsh said the last tenant of the building had left after just six weeks.

That was ``a wee bit of a surprise''.

``That's the nature of the beast, I suppose. It does go quite quiet down there around this time.''

The pub was being renovated, but Mr Marsh said the format after that was done had not been decided.

``We're researching the liquor licensing side, and we'll probably make a decision in the new year.

``It will remain in the hospitality business.''

Asked if a Robbie Burns Pub would remain on the site, Mr Marsh said: ``We're not sure what form or shape yet.

``Obviously, it's a hospitality strip, so we'd expect some operator to step forward and it probably needs a bit more food in the operational side.''

The tenant usually dealt with liquor licensing issues.



Big (terrible) changes:

George St becomes George I Street
Hanover becomes Elector of Hangover Street.
Robbie Burns becomes 'The John Barleycorn Must Die' bar.
Albion Lane becomes 'The Great Whiteway'.