Gasworks, pit site mix-up

Dunedin Gasworks Museum board chairman Barry Clarke is keen to clear up any confusion between the gasworks site and a former tar pit site, more than 300m away.

A recent Otago Daily Times feature highlighted environmental challenges arising from the Dunedin City Council-owned tar pit site, located at 45 Hillside Rd, South Dunedin.

A council-commissioned report cited in the feature said a ''serious health and safety issue'' had been identified at this site, where a tar pit, containing an estimated one million litres of coal tar and water, was located.

Once part of the wider gasworks site, the pit was filling with water, which required regular removal, the report said.

The museum operated from a different site, in Braemar St.

Mr Clarke said although the feature stated there were two different sites, some members of the public had become confused about them.

The tar pit site, which was fenced off and closed to the public, clearly presented a long-term environmental challenge, but had no connection with the museum, he said.

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