Hit-and-run victim to need metal plate

A man injured in a hit-and-run in South Dunedin early on Monday says he will need a metal plate in his knee and expects to miss months of work, as police continue to search for the driver.

Hit-and-run victim Tim Patrick outside Dunedin Hospital. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Hit-and-run victim Tim Patrick outside Dunedin Hospital. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
A dark-blue vehicle fled the scene after hitting Tim Patrick about 1am near Southern Takeaways in Hillside Rd, throwing him one or two metres in the air.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the crash to come forward.

Mr Patrick, who is in Dunedin Hospital, said he was walking alongside a friend and playing Pokemon Go in the early hours when a car drove around the roundabout at the intersection of Forbury Rd, Hillside Rd and David St, up on to the footpath and ''just whacked into me''.

He fell on to the bonnet of the car, which reversed and then drove away.

Initially, police reported he was uninjured, but he believed the mistake was down to the fact he did not realise how badly hurt he was when his friend reported the incident to emergency services.

''The adrenaline kicked in,'' Mr Patrick said. ''It hurt, but I was more worried about everyone else.''

When he tried to walk towards the ambulance with the support of St John staff he said he felt his left knee was ''falling inwards''.

''I knew it was dislocated or broken, or something,'' he said.

Mr Patrick, who headed into surgery yesterday afternoon, understood he would be off work for at least two months, and could not put any weight on his legs for six weeks.

He described the car as ''just a normal car'', and said it might have been a Holden, a Ford or a Honda.



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