Hope signal problems fixed

The New Zealand Transport Agency says it hopes ''teething problems'' with new traffic signal timings at the intersections at Quarry Rd, Gladstone Rd, Gordon Rd and Hagart Alexander Dr are now history.

The signals were changed in November after problems with their timing, and the situation seemed to be better, NZTA senior safety engineer Roy Johnston said.

To be certain, however, the agency would video the intersections for 12 hours one day and analyse the video to see if there were any intermittent problems they had missed.

Christchurch signals engineer Bill Sissons would also independently review the signals when he came to Dunedin to do some work for the city council in March and April.

''After that, when we can be sure the signals are operating properly, we'll just be monitoring.''

The agency is also to report back to the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board after members expressed interest in understanding exactly what sort of vehicles and how many were regularly using Gordon Rd.

Mr Johnston told them that the agency could break down a recent traffic count on Gordon Rd into vehicle classes.

It was happy to have a meeting with the board and discuss the results.

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