Man fell asleep before crashing into barrier

A 22-year-old man crashed his car into the centre barrier of the Dunedin Southern Motorway after falling asleep this morning.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said the crash happened about 5.20am, near Fairfield. 

It appeared that the man fell asleep at the wheel, he said.

There had been no injuries and the car had been towed.

Investigations were going.

At 6.45 last night, two cars collided at the intersection of Stuart St and London St.

Ambulance and Fire and Emergency New Zealand attended, and the cars were towed.

Snr Sgt Bond said police were unsure what the cause of the crash was.

Later, at 8.20pm, a car drove off Portobello Rd near the harbour and was left "dangling slightly over the edge," Snr Sgt Bond said.

Again, there was no indication as yet of what had occurred in the lead up to the event.