New e-scooter rules mooted

Dunedin could soon require e-scooter companies to hold permits and follow a code of practice similar to Auckland’s one.

On Monday, Dunedin city councillors will review the city’s Mobile Trading and Temporary Stall Bylaw, which could introduce rules for safety, areas of operation, curfews, speed, maintenance and e-scooter numbers.

Rental scheme operators, including e-scooter companies, do not need permits or licences to operate; there were "safety concerns related to some of these operations", a report read.

Under the proposed new rules, e-scooter companies would be required to provide the council with a plan showing how they would provide "a safe and efficient rental scheme".

Safety performance information would be required to be reported to the council, the NZ Transport Agency, and the Ministries of Transport and Business, Innovation and Employment.

Companies could also be required to inform users about "good use behaviour".

The proposed bylaw, designed to make "public places more safe, lively and attractive without inhibiting the safety and efficiency of pedestrian movement", has been recommended for consultation.


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