Petition to create plaque in memory of Joan Butcher

A petition has been launched to create a plaque in memory of a well-known Dunedin character.

Joan Butcher
Joan Butcher
Joan Butcher died in the city on Sunday.

There has been an outpouring of tributes for the well-known resident, who was remembered as funny and kind but also someone who struggled with health and addiction issues.

Now a petition has been launched calling for a plaque dedicated to Mrs Butcher.

The page states: ‘‘Dunedinites kept her safe on her nightly adventures and in a way, she kept her people safe, too’’.

‘‘People come and go from our great city, whether it be to move on to another location or it’s just to explore the world. But Joan was alway a constant, ready to welcome you home with a smile and a song. The rest of the world has fancy celebrities, and Dunedin had Joan and that’s what makes the culture of this city great.

‘‘When Christchurch lost their Birdman, they remembered him by placing a plaque where he loved most, the Square. I think it is only fitting that the DCC place a memorial of Joan in our city so she can continue to be a part of Dunedin’s street life and more importantly that we don’t forget her. One day should someone look at the plaque and ask ‘Who is that?’ We can say ‘That’s Joan Butcher. She was a daughter of Dunedin and a guardian of our streets’.’’

As of yesterday afternoon, the petition had 2392 signatures.

Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins said the outpouring of love from the community had been really touching.

‘‘I’d be open to a discussion on recognising Joan appropriately, but this is the sort of thing that’s best done with the involvement and support of family.

‘‘I’d also like to acknowledge the Holy Name and All Saints Churches for their support, and for providing an opportunity for people to remember her when we are safely able to do so.’’

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