Pipe replacement begins at busy intersection


A busy intersection just got busier as Dunedin City Council contractors yesterday began work on an "urgent'' pipe upgrade in the centre of the city.

The work at the intersection of Frederick, George, London and Pitt Sts is to replace wastewater and stormwater pipes beneath the road.

A recent CCTV filming of pipes in the area found that two sections of 90-year-old pipes were cracked and needed to be excavated and replaced.

Traffic restrictions will be in place while the work is carried out over the next two or three weeks.

DCC contract delivery manager Chris Jones said, despite the disruption, there were no reports of traffic flow problems at the intersection yesterday.

The intersection was being monitored and traffic light sequences could be adjusted if issues emerged, he said. 


Unsure if it is the same contractors as the wrong size pipe fitted and dug up in Andersons Bay last year. But please please for the sake of the Dunedin Rate payers, somebody take your child along to the site to check and ensure the DCC has got the correct diameter pipe on the drawings and it mirrors what is being installed. Cull I wonder if this will help fix the flooding in the main drag when it rains for 5 minutes, you know the same flooding you claim is caused by climate change and nothing to do with the old non maintained drains - you remember Cull.