Plan for new hospital parking developing

Image: ODT files.
Image: ODT files.
The plan for parking at the new Dunedin hospital should be clearer by the end of the year.

New Dunedin hospital programme director Mike Barns said parking options were being developed and would be identified when the site’s concept design was completed this year.

These options would be discussed in the resource consent application that would be submitted to the Dunedin City Council after the concept design was worked out, he said.

There had been significant design changes since the draft preliminary site master plan was completed in December 2018 and released in February last year.

"Below-ground parking is now recognised as not financially feasible due to flooding and soil contamination issues," Mr Barns said.

The master plan included a figure of 250 parks.

Parking was a thorny issue in the city council environment, and at a planning committee meeting this week some councillors feared the new hospital would make congestion in the city worse.

The Otago Daily Times has been told parking near the city’s existing hospital is an ongoing frustration, particularly for people who need to get to or from work outside of the hours that buses operate.

Retired nurse Karen Anderson said parking was inadequate and there was nothing to stop authorities creating solutions for both now and into the future.

She noted new hospital project chairman Pete Hodgson mentioned such things as autonomous vehicles and the need to consider conditions 60 to 80 years into the future.

But a parking building constructed now could be repurposed later, she said.

Provision for parking at some New Zealand hospitals is substantial.

Waikato Hospital, located at Hamilton’s southern entrance, has 2785 parks.

The Waikato DHB operates and manages the system and doctors are given priority for the available spaces.

There is also a locked bike shed facility with showers and changing rooms.

Palmerston North Hospital, located towards the outskirts of the city, has more than 650 parks for the public.

The user-pays system is run by Wilson Car Parking.

However, Christchurch Hospital, in the central city, has fewer than 35 parks for the public.

The Canterbury DHB runs a ride service from a commercial car park building in the city.

People have to pay for their parking but get a free ride to and from hospital and the outpatients centre.

The West Coast DHB’s new Te Nikau, Grey Hospital and Health Centre has more than 100 parks.

Capital and Coast DHB corporate services general manager Thomas Davis said the DHB had 2424 on-site parking spaces across three campuses.

“Wellington Regional Hospital has 540 public spaces, 879 staff spaces, and 136 spaces for ambulances and contractors," he said.

"There are 266 public, 243 staff, and 79 ambulance and contractor spaces at Kenepuru Community Hospital. Our Ratonga Tua o Porirua mental health campus has 26 public, 203 staff, and 52 ambulance and contractor spaces."

"As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, we also encourage staff to cycle to work — and have secure bike cages to help facilitate this — and to utilise Wellington’s efficient public transport network."



"some councillors feared the new hospital would make congestion in the city worse".
It's too late! Cycle lanes have already done that job.

"Parking was a thorny issue in the city council environment." Translation: "This council has an insane anti-car, anti-parking agenda"

"Some councillors feared the new hospital would make congestion in the city worse." Translation: "Some councillors desperately seize upon flimsy pretext to oppose parking."