Podcast’s second season to explore wildlife, nature of the region

Dunedin podcaster/film-maker Karthic SS is releasing a second season of Tune into Nature: Stories...
Dunedin podcaster/film-maker Karthic SS is releasing a second season of Tune into Nature: Stories from Kaitiaki about nature and the wild, photographed at Jubilee Park in Dunedin on Thursday. Photo: Linda Robertson
A Dunedin man has found a unique way to share his passion for nature with the world.

Podcast producer and film-maker Karthic SS worked as an automobile engineer in South India before moving to Dunedin to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

He is releasing a second season of his podcast Tune into Nature focused on nature and wildlife around the Otago region, particularly in Dunedin.

"Right from my childhood, I liked films and also nature, so I started exploring bird watching in India and wanted to try and combine those two."

Karthic studied science communication at the University of Otago and spent four years working for Natural History New Zealand following his degree.

He was first introduced to podcasting during his course at the university. At the time it was a new concept to him.

The first season of his nature podcast started as a way to "share major sounds and stories" from around the region.

In making his podcast, he would go out into various natural areas around Dunedin with his equipment to create his own soundscapes for his listeners to experience.

Karthic felt a strong sense of connection to nature and was especially drawn to New Zealand’s "unique" wildlife.

"I’m passionate about nature, but it’s also something I’m a part of — we are all a part of it.

"When I get to spend time in nature and get to know nature better, I’m sort of getting to know myself better too."

Season two of his series would focus on "underdog wildlife" like reptiles and petrels, as well as other charismatic species like blue penguins.

He hoped the podcast would allow listeners to "enjoy nature in their own spaces".

"Each episode I’m trying to focus on a particular species, and then showcase the kaitiaki [caregivers] working out there to protect them — be it experts, wildlife biologists and community groups working to make things better for that species."

He also wanted to help grow an appreciation for the work of conservationists and the important role they play in the region.

"When I was working with these rangers and wildlife biologists out there in the field, I could see a lot of positivity.

"They’re working in harsh terrains, in wetlands, in mountains, and they’re trying to do better for what they can and I find that really inspiring."

He received funding for a second and third season of his podcast from the Lottery Environment and Heritage fund.

The second season would be released over summer on the platforms Spotify and Apple Music, as well as being available on his website.