Princess to unveil McIndoe statue

Princess Anne will unveil the bronze statue of Dunedin-born pioneering plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe in England on June 9.

Blond McIndoe Research Foundation chief executive Jacquie Pinney said Sir Archibald, who treated badly burned Allied servicemen during World War 2, would be honoured with a 2.1m bronze statue outside Sackville College in East Grinstead High St.

Sculpted by Martin Jennings, the statue shows Sir Archibald with his arms reassuringly on a patient's shoulders communicating his extraordinary confidence, Mrs Pinney said.

''This will provide a lasting memory to East Grinstead's world famous adopted son and will ensure the story of the people of East Grinstead, known as `the town that did not stare', will always be remembered.''


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