Q&A: Michele A'Court

The ODT asks some questions of Arts Festival Dunedin performer Michele A'Court.


Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter 

Q Is this the first time your show Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter has come to Dunedin?

Yeah, I did a national tour of one-night stands in 33 venues between Kaitaia and Stewart Island in March, April and May this year but Dunedin wasn’t on the list because the festival wanted me here for four shows and I’m thrilled to be here. 

Q Do you have any links to Dunedin?

My husband Jeremy Elwood grew up and went to university here and a lot of my friends are from here. 

Q Why did you forget to tell your daughter?

Once she left home you think you are finished raising the child and then you walk around the house thinking I didn’t tell her this and I didn’t show her how to do that. 

Q Why not?

If you are a working parent — I worked day and night —  you’re busy and after school then dinner, homework and bed and then getting ready to go out and do a show — when do you have time for the big conversations about the important things? 

Q What sort of conversations?

From the mechanics of sex and consent, a proper conversation on the history of feminism and why that matters to me and should to her, to attitudes to body image, why it is important to vote and tips like don’t touch your eyes after chopping chillies and smearing body lotion on the outside of your tights so they don’t snag. 

Q How many times have you performed the show?

About 100 times. 

Q What type of audience does the show attract?

If it’s a one-night stand most of the audience will be women ranging in age from 18 to 85 but mostly in their 20s and 30s. If I’m in a town for more than one night and people talk about it, by the end of the season there are a lot of men and teenage boys in the audience. 

Q Have parents been giving you feedback?

A lot of parents thank me for talking about it because it means they don’t have to. I’m doing a public service.

● Michele A’Court: Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter is on at the Playhouse Theatre at 7pm today and tomorrow.

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