Review of speed

Urban expansion in east Mosgiel has led to a proposal to reduce speed limits on parts of key district roads to make them safer.

The public will soon be able to comment on the Dunedin City Council's proposal to reduce the speed on parts of Factory Rd and Wingatui Rd and all of Rutherford Rd.

It was also proposed to cut speed limits on Bruce Rd in Momona and Friends Hill Rd from 100kmh to 70kmh to make their limits more consistent with other similar roads in their areas.

The changes were proposed as part of a Dunedin City Speed Limits Bylaw Amendment 7, which was accepted by the council this week to go out for public consultation.

Transportation engineer Diana Munster said in a report to council's planning and regulatory committee last week the Taieri roads were part of a review of 14 roads to find the most appropriate, safe speed limit which took into account safety, road characteristics, road environment, road users, the level of roadside development.

The speed also had to be consistent with other roads in the area and with national practice, she said.

While the level of development along the roads was the main determinant of speed limits, the council could set a different speed in some situations such as high pedestrian use or narrow, windy rural roads, she said.

The roads were chosen due to public requests or having obviously wrong speed limits.



Proposed changes


Factory Rd: 70kmh to 50kmh, (Centre Rd to east Wingatui Rd)

Wingatui Rd: 70kmh to 50kmh, (Factory Rd to Stedman Rd)

Rutherford Rd: 70kmh to 50kmh

Bruce Rd, Momona: 100kmh to 70kmh

Friends Hill: 100kmh to 70kmh



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