Search for Vicar of Dibley

The Vicar of Dibley is coming to Mosgiel. But first, the Taieri Dramatic Society has to find her.

Cast auditions for the stage show of the popular BBC sitcom will take place at Mosgiel's Coronation Hall on October 11, and co-director Gloria Reid already has a picture in her mind of the person who will fill the lead role.

''We're looking for someone who is a comedy actress with a very outgoing, bubbly personality - someone who is larger than life.''

Mrs Reid said all the favourite characters from the television series, including Alice, Hugo, Owen, Jim, David, Mrs Cropley, Frank and, of course, Geraldine, would be on stage to create an evening of laughs.

She expected up to 50 people would audition for parts in the production.

Anyone wanting to audition can call 489 0266, right up until the day before auditions.

Mrs Reid said the show opens with the unexpected death of the ancient vicar of Dibley, and the parishioners are surprised to find the Bishop has appointed a woman in his place.

The show follows Geraldine (the new vicar of Dibley) as she battles to win over the sceptical parish council.

Mrs Reid said The Vicar of Dibley would be held in Coronation Hall next year, from May 12 to May 21.

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