Shop's alcohol bid again unsuccessful

A Dunedin Night 'n Day store has had its application for a licence to sell alcohol rejected yet again, but the owner is not ruling out another attempt. In its decision, following a hearing in December, the Liquor Licensing Authority said the business was not technically a grocery store, so it could not allow it to sell alcohol.

It also agreed with opponents - police, the Dunedin City Council and Public Health South, which opposed both applications - who said having alcohol for sale in the Octagon Night 'n Day store in Princes St would increase the amount of crime at the store, and fuel alcohol abuse problems in the nearby area. Store owners Murray and Katie Devereux first applied for a licence when the shop opened in 2008, and were rejected on similar grounds.

An appeal and a further, unsuccessful, hearing followed in 2010.

They have since increased the grocery section of the shop, and Mr Devereux said yesterday he now understood clearly what was needed to meet the threshold of being a grocery store.

He would not rule out meeting that requirement and re-applying for a licence. In 2011, Mr Devereux was ordered to remove images of alcohol products posted on his store's windows after a complaint to the Commerce Commission that they were misleading.

He was sent a letter asking him to cover or remove the images until a licence was granted.

He said he would now post large signs informing customers the shop did not stock alcohol.

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