Sports walk of fame idea for Anzac Ave

Dunedin could be home to a New Zealand sports walk of fame if a proposal led by Dunedin City...
Dunedin could be home to a New Zealand sports walk of fame if a proposal led by Dunedin City Councillor Damian Newell to build one gains public and council support. The planned walk would lead from the Dunedin Railway Station to Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery
Move over Hollywood - Dunedin could soon have its own walk of fame.

A proposal to build a New Zealand sports walk of fame in Dunedin, with the likes of Richie McCaw, Brendon McCullum and Dame Lois Muir gracing an illuminated path with their imprints, has formally been presented to the Dunedin City Council.

It is envisioned the path would be similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and would follow Anzac Ave between the Dunedin Railway Station and Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Councillor Damian Newell is spearheading the proposal and said he wanted to gauge the public’s support for the idea.

"At the moment there aren’t any formal plans as such. We just want to get it out in the public so people can get behind the idea and then go from there."

Athletes and para-athletes from all sports would be included.

Each square would be made of a hard resin and illuminated with LED lights.

There would also the potential for sponsorship to share some of the costs, Cr Newell said.

Illuminating the path would also solve a practical and safety solution on a dark walkway.

"After walking down to the stadium myself, it is a pretty dingy sort of a walkway and this would be a way of making it a bit more lively."

He presented the proposal at a meeting of the council’s planning and environment committee earlier this week and council staff would investigate the feasibility of the idea before reporting back.

New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame chief executive Ron Palenski said he thought the idea would be a great contribution to the history of sport in New Zealand.

His pick for the first square on the walk was Olympic gold medallist and former long-jump world-record holder Yvette Williams.

"What more can I say? She’s the most outstanding female athlete New Zealand has ever had and then after that there’s any number of people, Danyon Loader, a huge number of rugby players."

If the proposal went ahead, it could build Dunedin’s reputation as a sporting heritage city.


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