What you see may not be quite what you get

Artist Jenny McCracken works on the new 3-D pedestrian crossing with Downer contractor Nathan...
Artist Jenny McCracken works on the new 3-D pedestrian crossing with Downer contractor Nathan Pope in Clyde St yesterday. Photo: Peter McIntosh.
The finishing touches on the new 3-D pedestrian crossings in Dunedin were made last night.

The Dunedin City Council had two three-dimensional crossings painted on Clyde St.

Jenny McCracken.
Jenny McCracken.
The paintings created an optical illusion, appearing 3-D to motorists while being flat to pedestrians.

The crossing at the intersection of Clyde St and Union St East appeared as feet walking under zebra stripes. The crossing north of the Leith River appeared as rocks in a river.

The work was produced by Melbourne-based artist Jenny McCracken, assisted by Dunedin artist Guy Howard-Smith.

Council urban design team leader Crystal Filep said the crossings looked better than expected.

"It looks great."

The collaborative project was "challenging and exciting".

The project was a trial and if  feedback from the community was positive, then consultation would begin for more 3-D crossings at other Dunedin roads, Ms Filep said.



Looks good but Dunedin is not a rock star economy; at $140 000 this is way out of budget, considering Dunedin has higher priority things the money could have been spent on, like drainage. This doesn't even comply with the NZ road rules as being a crossing. Who approved it? Do we pay these people for the mistakes?

Pedestrian crossings
A pedestrian crossing is an area of road that has white stripes marked across it.

You can't tell whether or not it complies until you see it in 3D. We can be grumpy about almost everything,

Grumpy maybe? admit looks good but how does it improve safety? It doesn't comply with NZTA Safety road code, Safety is paramount. $140 000 for a crossing that can and will be dug up. On a buildings wall its a different story