Global Insight: Aussie alarm at Trump decisions

Australia, under pressure from China, will be dismayed by the United States decision to pull almost 10,000 soldiers out of Germany, Professor Robert Patman says.

The international relations specialist told Global Insight that US president Donald Trump’s sudden decision to withdraw troops stationed in Germany is the latest in a series of moves that are making many US allies feel the superpower is increasingly unpredictable and unreliable.

"Many countries allied to the United States believe the US is conducting itself, under Mr Trump, in a way that is benefiting both Russian and Chinese interests," the University of Otago professor said.

That will include Australia, which has seen itself as the Americans’ closest ally, and is in an increasingly tense stoush with the world’s other superpower, China. And Germany, which has three ongoing investigations into apparent Russian interference in German and Central European affairs.

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The US pays for all the cost associated with overseas basing of troops. Germany doesn't reimburse the US for anything. If Germany wants the US to stay, maybe, help foot the bill. That said, airlift and nobility make the basing location irrelevant. US has other options with NATO new member nation's. Germany gets all the benefits of having US forces stationed in Germany and doesn't even pay it's fair share to NATO. Not much of an alliance! If it's not in the US strategic interest, why stay? Australia has no overseas bases on a permanent basis. Maybe if the Australians had to bare the costs of permanent basing overseas they would understand the decision to limit troop numbers. Again, Patman doesn't know what he's talking about. More anti-Trump BS. Every other country gets to act in their own best interest except the US under Trump. If Clinton was elected and did the exact same thing Patman would be calling her a visionary. He's another partisan hack suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. Stick to writing books mate.

'Nobility' Mobility.

Drop the anti academic animus.

Patman simply hates Trump and no matter what he does he will throw a negative spin on it.
Germany is the major economic power in the EU, yet they have for decades under performed on their commitment to NATO.
A big part of Trump's policy for the 2016 election was to return the troops home NOT just from the endless Middle East wars started by Bush and expanded under Obama but from around the world.
Germany was told to lift their commitment because America was over being bleed dry and that is why Merkel hates Trump too. Other EU countries accepted that they had been leaning on the US and lifted their game. Germany spends 1.2% of GDP while the US is at 3.9%
What would you do if your so called friend kept coming to the party and drinking your best booze while only bringing a bag of crisps?
As for claiming you need troops in Germany to protect it from THEIR third largest trading partner, from cyber interference when Germany still buys Huawei and Russian gas is pathetic on four levels.
Don't make your enemies stronger.
Don't put their equipment into your key infrastructure.
Don't become energy dependent on them.
Troops don't provide cyber security.

No matter what the Prof says based on fact, you will resort to the epithet 'hates'.

The bigger question is Mr Patman, how has Europe managed to keep American Forces as it's own personal army for so long?!

You would expect Germany and others to be exceptionally grateful to the United States for providing protection from the Soviet Union for decades. Instead Angela Merkel goes to US Universities and complains about Trump.....How how much does Germany contribute to NATO again?!


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