Global Insight: Poisoning 'not just a matter for Russia'

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The poisoning of Alexi Navalny is worrying world leaders already concerned about Vladimir Putin’s global impact, Professor Robert Patman says.

‘‘This is not just a matter for Russia, because Mr Putin’s presence is beginning to cause a lot of serious international problems,’’ global affairs specialist Prof Patman told Global Insight.

Otago University’s Prof Patman says, while it is not certain the Russian President had a hand in the attempted poisoning of his most vocal political opponent, a number of Putin’s other critics have been shot or poisoned.

And although the poisoning could be seen as a ‘‘domestic situation’’, it raises another red flag for those concerned about Putin’s attempts to shore up his position at home by interfering in other countries’ affairs,

Prof Patman pointed to apparent Russian interference in the United States, the United Kindgom and Germany.

‘‘What he is trying to do is maintain power by showing that the alternative to his rule, liberal democracy, doesn’t work.’’


Wow. Patman was doing so well until he claimed that Putin was behind Neo Nazies, Trump and Brexit.
Putin's game has run its course, as has Lukashenko's. Belarus and hopefully Russia are having their own populist revolts following the UK, USA and Hong Kong. There are even rumblings from within China against their new dictator for life and DPRK's Dear Leader isn't having the best of times neither.
Sounds like Liberal Democracy is in high demand globally to me, yet Patman claims it's not working in the West.
I beg to differ and would suggest that many peoples of the world have been wondering what the hell was wrong with the West for the last thirty years, with its endless wars and crony capitalism so easily mimicked, then exploited by China since its entry into the World Trade Organisation.
Even peace is coming to the Middle East as the US's interests there are only with their friends since they are now net energy exporters. Lets face it, the only true friend of the heart they have in that corner is Israel.
Covid has decimated the economy of every country in the world and the leaders that depended on oil money to hold onto power have only a few coins left in their pockets.


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