CTV report has implications for whole country: Brownlee

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee said the Department of Building and Housing's report into the collapse of the CTV building would have implications for structures of the same age throughout New Zealand.

Although he refused to speculate about civil or criminal action that might result from the findings he said it would be "interesting to see exactly what the police make of it''.

However that was not the most important issue.

"We know what caused the building to collapse and that there were no foundation failures, which of course would have had much bigger implications for many other buildings in Christchurch.

"Throughout New Zealand there will now be a heightened awareness of the need to act upon any information about any perceived failures or shortcomings in buildings.

"It's very important that the failures have been identified and so you're able to ... do an assessment of a whole range of buildings that were built around the same time to ensure those same failings aren't replicated in those buildings not just in Christchurch but throughout the country.''

He believed the report would likely generate a series of recommendations from the Department of Building and Housing, about codes and the way "building warrant of fitness-type compliances'' are dealt with.

- Adam Bennett of the New Zealand Herald

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