Kiwijet warns plans may be abandoned

Aspiring domestic airline Kiwijet has not disappeared off the radar but says it will only launch if fuel prices drop, and not before next year.

Kiwijet chief executive Patrick Weil released a statement this week saying the company was moving forward with plans, but cautioning the airline industry was facing its worst crisis since September 11.

Kiwijet had planned to launch a domestic service, including flights to Dunedin and Invercargill early next year, but abandoned that timetable last month, blaming high fuel prices and a volatile airline industry.

In this week's statement, Mr Weil said funding had been secured for the next six months, but Kiwijet had not yet registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

He said it would not start negotiations with the CAA until there was a sharp fall in oil prices.

Mr Weil expected oil prices to fall at the end of the year and more aircraft to become available for leasing as tough times hit the aviation industry.

He warned if the price of fuel continued to climb past the end of the year, Kiwijet plans would be abandoned.


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