Police change test after cheat discovered

Police have had to ditch their recruitment test questions and bring in a new set after they found a copy was being circulated among a small network of potential candidates.

Police said they found out last Thursday that an applicant had access to the police officer recruitment test, prior to the testing day.

They replaced the test with a new set of questions.

They are looking at whether they can charge the person who used the circulated test questions and anyone else who might have been involved.

Police general manager of human resources Wayne Annan said it disappointing that an applicant would think it was appropriate to join the organisation through dishonest practices.

"This candidate's actions completely go against the type of integrity we expect from our staff and as such, they won't be working for us" Mr Annan said.

He said police had systems in place to identify any other candidates who might have had access to the test questions.

"We rigorously monitor the tests and individual applicants' responses."

Mr Annan said access to the questions wouldn't help future applicants as they were now redundant.

The director of Opra Group, the company that supplies the recruitment test, Dr Paul Englert said the new test would be identical to the old in the areas of competence tested and its level of difficulty "but the questions are different."

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